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Issue 01-0 Planet's Struggle Inside Cover
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So what is this comic about? Devon Legacy Abridged will have all the recap pages I make for each issue. And it will have it's own recap page exclusively for each issue. So combined you should be able to read this and catch up with what's happening pretty easily.

Since issue 1.0 and 1.5 have no comic preceding them they simply have a main character's page with limited info.

So here is the 1st page of the abridged. Not very informative yet but it's a start. :3

I like a lot the Codo Grand and Cutter Grand designs...Remind me of Megaman :)
I get that a lot. It must be subconscious though! I didn't intend for it to happen! But I am a HUGE MegaMan fan too!

Cutter took me a bit but I finally realized he gave me an Optimus Prime vibe too!