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Issue 01-0 Planet's Struggle
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This is pretty much the essentials of the 1st half of issue 1. Mean ol' Preds want a super weapon on Earth. The Weapon is on an ancient Predator Grand Base and happens to be underground. This issue has WAY too many splash pages. Technically I drew this issue back in 2001 on paper. I traced back over it and altered things in 2006 when I got my Wacom.

This part of issue 1 was made for 2 reasons. To introduce the Cyros "duh", but the main reasons were to draw a lot of action and fights. Originally the story would have simply started with Fenny and Sally. But I thought their half of issue one was pretty boring so I decided to start the comic with a bang to draw interest and let it slow down a bit after that.

Heck, that's kind of the whole idea of the entire Prologue actually haha

This comic was the hardest to do because it was way out of my skill level. I was/am one of those noobs that come in with an epic story that is a lot more than I can actually handle. I just happen to be a little more hard headed than most and stuck with it. I am very happy I did because by the end of the comic it looked like I was made to draw this crazy stuff ^_^

You really are SO hard headed!! Oh right the page, umm....YAY!!! :)

I think we both know why I really did this. It's just driving me crazy, okay?!